WHAT IS ROLFING, structural integration?

Rolfing is a hands-on, systematic process of unwinding and releasing the connective tissues of the body.

Both functional movement and physical expression shape us. Holding patterns may be established through behavior, habits, beliefs, impact traumas, repetitive physical function (i.e. the way you work at your job, or the way you exercise), as well as ancestral structural patterns. Rolfers assume that these fixations are no longer useful toward finding your movement potential. Through differentiation and integration we are allowed into the present and we become more fully aware of ourselves.

Integration, in a Rolfing context, is a way of adopting a manageable amount of change – each session or each week – and then experiencing yourself with this change throughout the week, allowing it to fully realize. Changes from Rolfing are often felt as freer range of movement in a specific area of the body and more overall economy.

The Ten Hours of Rolfing asks for 10 hours of work over the course of 10 or 20 weeks. The experience continues to unfold over time.




CranioSacral Therapy is a ever-growing holistic modality born from Cranial Osteopathy. It uses very light holding of the bones of the cranium and pelvis as a way into the deep membranous tissues that provide cerebral spinal fluid to our brain and central nervous system. The CranioSacral approach can be used as an inquisition into possible structural disorders (so it can be a good way to begin other treatments) and it can be used by itself to provide great healing to the whole Nervous System. 


What is Visceral Manipulation?


Visceral Manipulation is a structural integration method that gently listens to the connective tissue surrounding the placement of the organs. When we listen to organ motility, we tune in to each of the organs' directions and rhythms. While tuning in, the directions and rhythms normalize themselves, sometimes with simple, light touch, and in cases of more severe disfunction (like scar tissue or disease) with a little more coaxing. The process is gentle, relaxing, and effective for relieving all sorts of breath and digestive disfunction.